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Noel L Sparks Known internationally by her Stage Persona Blane Fedora and Formally known as Brittany N Sparks is an award-winning film, television, and businessperson In 2018, Noel won 10 separate awards including Best Director and Best Animator for their Short Animated Film “Yue Tu” The following year Noel won 8 more awards for the film.

Noel is also the founder of the successful and award winning company Noel Sparks Limited, LLC for which Noel has been featured in multiple business magazines, columns and won 9 awards since its formation.

Noel also founded Summermoon Studios, LLC an animation and production studio for which has also been accredited for its work In the entertainment field.

Noel was born and raised in Pennsylvania. Then in December of 2012 she moved to South Carolina.

Noel is Currently Married to Award Winning Director and Retired Actor
Matthew Landon Sparks.

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